First Annual Predator Camp

Well our very first predator camp is over.  There was a small group of kids there and it was soooo much fun.  I love the smaller camps because you really get to know the kids and their parents.  We had the awesome opportunity to partner with the Mule Deer Foundation.  Their new regional director, John Gebhart and biologist, Jake Jaeger, came to camp with lots of goodies for the kids.  They set up an archery range and arranged for people from the Arizona Raptor Center to come with four bird, including Helen, a 12 year old golden eagle.  Learned so much from that presentation. A few rabbits and a squirrel were harvested, but most of all a lot of friendships were made, and a partnership in MDF was formed.  Looking forward to next years camp.  Here are some pictures from that event.

2019 Hunters Education Camp

Hi all.  Here are some more picture from our recent hunter education camp.  Thanks to everyone who contributed photos for me to post.  Also we would like to give a huge shout out to the firefighters, who come to camp and help every year.  Thanks Larry Kindred, Scott McDonald, and Scott Walker.  They always step up and help where and when they can. 


2019 Hunters Education Camp

Each year YOU puts a ton of children and adults through our hunter education class.  We camp out for a weekend at Coyote Basin Ranch, thanks to the awesome landowner and hold class.  Here is a video courtesy of Sean Hatch of the range portion of the weekend. 


2019 Junior Turkey camp

So this year we had to move the camp to a completely new spot due to the weather.  The snow was all over the mountains.  We managed to find a great spot down lower where there was no snow.  The weather was certainly a lot different from the year prior.  Here are some picture of the camp.  Total we harvested 10 turkeys.  We did good.  All of the kids saw and heard turkeys so we were at 100 percent success.  Thank you to all of our partners and mentors for helping make this a great years. 


2019 Mentored Javelina Camp

Here are some photos from our javelina camp this year.  Thank you to all who attended, all who mentored and all who contributed and participated.  YOU could not do it without out you. 

Article About Youth Hunters

Here is a great article about youth hunters.  Give it a read.  

Our Youth Hunters Deserve More

2018 Robbins Butte Dove Hunt

This was a great event.  We want to thank all of our partners for making this a great day for all who participated:  Youth Outdoors Unlimited mentors and volunteers, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Arizona Outdoor Sports, Arizona Sportsman for Wildlife Conservation, and AZ NWFT.  

YOU Custom Rifle by Erik Gutherie Video Two

#2 video of the Youth outdoors unlimited raffle rifle build. Don’t forget to post your questions in the comments and share this video with family and friends.

Posted by Erik Guthrie on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Youth Outdoors Unlimited Custom Rifle by Erik Gutherie

Erik Gutherie owner of Arizona Custom Rifle Assembly is making a custom rifle for Youth Outdoors Unlimited.  Here is the first video and parts list.   We will be adding additional videos as he makes this sweet custom rifle for us.


1) Remington 700 short action- donated by the guys and gals at Healy Arms – This action will be trued up or some people like to call it blueprinted.  The bolt will also be trued up so that all contact surfaces fit properly.

2) Dan Lilja #4 contour 3 groove with a 1:8 twist barrel with a three port mini mag muzzle break – chambered in 6.5 Creedmoore.  This is an awesome piece of steel lapped to finish.

3) Timney 510 trigger set at 3 pounds

4) HS Precion 2000 Pro Series stock

5) Harris swivel bipod

6) Bottom metal will include a detachable mag, magazines from mag pul

7) Warren one piece picatini rail scope base

Please share this video. It is the start of a series of videos on the Youth Outdoors Unlimited rifle build thanks again I hope you enjoy them.

Posted by Arizona Custom Rifle Assembly on Saturday, June 23, 2018


Dylan’s Turkey

Today I received a message from Randy Hoskins. 

“Hi Donna, this is a photo of Dylan and his 2018 turkey.  Thank you guys so much for volunteering and everything you do for the kids.  Your team rocks.   It is so nice that kids who want to hunt opportunity to be around people, kids and adults, who support them instead of ridiculing them for hunting

I also like the positive interactions be the Game and Fish personnel and the kids., it helps to build positive relationships.

We had an opportunity to bring Lilly Hunt as a first-time turkey hunter and she also had a great time.  Thank you for your time and dedication, it’s very cool.  I am also sending a video of his 2018 turkey and a picture of his 2017 turkey.   He told me he wanted a bigger one this year than last year.  The video is bad but these are the memories your team is helping to build.  He told me this was the best hunt he has ever had.”

Thanks Randy