2019 Mentored Predator Camp

WHEN: November 8-11, 2019

WHERE: Date Creek – Sunflower Flat

This is a beginner mentored hunting event. 

Food will be provided during the event. 


In the past this event has been a mentored javelina hunt.  However, in this unit predators have become a problem.  YOU along with other sponsors have noticed a significant decline in the javelina numbers and herd numbers.  Therefore, as part of responsible hunting, we are turning this camp into a predator camp.  The hope is that predator control will allow the javelina herd to grow in number.  

After you have filled out the form below you will receive an email invitation from Arizona Register-Ed.  This invitation will contain a link to a registration form through AZGFD that MUST be filled out in order for your hunter to participate in this event!