Participation Survey

Hi.  Thank you for registering for our camp.  This participation survey is required by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (ASGFD).  Each year Youth Outdoors Unlimited requests and receives a grant from AZGFD, which requires each participant (hunter or angler) to fill out this survey.   Youth Outdoor Unlimited require you fill out a registration form and survey for all of our camps because we also use this information to obtain grants from other sources outside AZGFD.

We realize this is a duplication but appreciate your willingness to help us.  Also, be aware if when you register on the AZGFD site, if you have issues completing their registration and survey, the registration and survey you complete with YOU will be provided to them.  We make every effort to make this process as simple as possible but are currently experiencing issues with the AZGFD site and now require duplication.  Hopefully, this will be fixed in the near future.  Thank you all for your cooperation.  We really appreciate you and look forward to meeting you at camp.