2020 CJ Biller Memorial Dove Hunt

Due to Covid-19, we have had to cancel this camp for September; however, we may be able to have a late season hunt.  It will probably be sometime in December.  So I am going to open registration with the understanding that it may still be cancelled but maybe things will be better and we can dove hunt.  So if you are interested fill out the form below.  You will not receive the additional registration link until Game and Fish approves the camp, which again will be sometime in December.  

WHEN: Late season – Probably December 

WHERE: Mesa Game and Fish office be there no later than 6p.m.

7200 E University Drive #6502, Mesa, AZ 85207


Adult or children new to hunting may attend, but all adults must have a new child hunter with them.  If you have attended this camp before, you cannot attend again!

This is a beginner mentored hunting event.  Youth and families will get classroom instruction.  The classroom portion is on Wednesday  and will cover hunting doves, shotgun instruction, firearm safety and clay target shooting followed by a real live dove hunt on Saturday.  THE CLASSROOM PORTION IS MANDATORY.  IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND AND SHOW UP FOR THE HUNT ON SATURDAY, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE!!!!!