Updated Website

Happy Tuesday Morning

I have heard over the years that our registration process is tedious and sometime complicated.  I have looked for plugins for our site but have never found one that really fit our needs until now.  

You will see when you register for camps a brand new registration process and a brand new check-in process at camp.  I hope this process will help smooth out the rough edges.  We will still need to send you an AZGFD link to register with them but as along as we continue to receive grants that will never change.   When you complete the registration process there is link to download your tickets, but if you forget no problem because an email will be sent to you with your tickets attached. 

I hope this new process works better for everyone.  And as usual all of our events are free of charge. 

The next part of the website I am revamping is the photo sections.  I want our event photos to be on the website but the current plugin is so glitchy.  

So let me know what you think and have a great day.