My First Big Game Hunt

My 1st Big Game by David (Age 11, Litchfield Park. AZ)

Miss Donna asked me after killing my pig at the Javelina Camp if I was going to write something up for her. I told her “maybe,” she then laughed and told me “it’s not an option”. I don’t want to get in trouble so the following story is my experience with my 1st Big Game Kill.

This was my 4th YOU event that I attended, so we were anxious to get up to camp. We got up there Wednesday Night and setup camp in the dark around 10pm. Thankfully, Mr. Dwayne and Mr. Kurt were already up there. Thursday we went out to hunt coyotes, but we didn’t find any. Thursday night we found out we needed to meet at 6:30am to be paired up with our mentors. I remember not being able to sleep that well because I was excited. My dad asked me if I was ok, I told him “yes, just couldn’t sleep,” I turned on a story to listen to and finally fell asleep. We woke up at 6:30 instead of being ready to meet at 6:30, so we hurried to get dressed, checked in with Miss Donna, and met our mentors Mr. Jarrod and Mr. Clint. They told us we need to leave in 20 minutes, so we got everything ready quickly. I ran and got some oatmeal in a cup, but was in such a rush, it was more like soup than oatmeal. We followed our mentors to Kirkland and hopped in their truck. They took us to the 1st spot to glass for pigs, but we didn’t see any, so went to the next spot and sat down while we glassed. I was cold because the sun wasn’t shining yet. After about 20 minutes, Mr. Clint saw 1 pig far away in a wash. We then began to see more and more, until our count was up to 20 pigs in the herd. We headed back in the truck and decided to walk the wash and up the hill above them. I was so excited and nervous as we walked. We walked up the hill and I finally saw the 1st pig. We went a little higher on the hill to get a better shot. Mr. Jarrod setup a tripod so I could rest my gun and I took a shot. Missed him high! The herd of pigs started running all over. From out of my left side, I saw a big boar running right at us. He stopped about 20’ from my dad and brother. I quickly turned, aimed, and fired a shot. Got Him This Time! My nerves went away and I just couldn’t believe I got him. Mr. Clint and Mr. Jarrod showed me how to skin and get the meat off. While we harvested him, I saw that I shot him right through the lower jaw and Mr. Clint explained by looking at the colors of blood, the shot went through his lungs and heart. I was so happy to have my 1st Big Game Kill.

Thank You Youth Outdoors Unlimited for my experience.



  1. Sohnja Gibson says

    What a great story David! Congratulations on your pig!