My Experience With YOU

This is a letter from one of our dads about his experience with YOU.

I wanted to take the time to write in today to share my experience and appreciation for Y.O.U. (Youth Outdoors Unlimited).

As a boy, I didn’t grow up hunting, spending a lot of time in the outdoors. I did have the occasional camping trip every few years. Just those few times, I fell in love with being outdoors. As I continued to grow older, those same camping trips continued with friends and family, but yet I still felt a piece was missing. I got married, had kids and felt my kids should at least have some of those experiences I had as a kid, being in the outdoors. We had gone on the once every couple years camping trip, and for the most part, my wife and 4 kids love doing it. I was comfortable with my knowledge of camping that I could make it an enjoyable experience for my family. But if you talked about firearms and hunting I only could listen and not add anything to the conversation, because I was clueless. I had never been hunting before and didn’t know the anything about it. I wanted to do it, but was fearful because of my lack of knowledge. Then in 2018, I stumbled across Y.O.U. while reading through the hunter regulations. Mentored events, no experience needed… Sounded like just what I needed.

The first event I attended with one of my sons was the Robbins Butte Dove Hunt in September. For the hunt, Y.O.U. made it really easy, bring your own ammo, borrow a firearm if you need to and go hunt.
I remember very vividly the week leading up to the hunt, I was excited and nervous for what was to come. We got up early that Saturday morning, and met up with two friends and their sons, I told about the hunt. That day my son shot his 1st 20 gauge and bagged 2 doves. Because of Y.O.U. mentors and volunteers, I didn’t have to worry about what to do next; they showed us how to clean and harvest the meat, even how to cook them. From that event, it was now in us to continue to pursue this hunting privilege.

Fast forward to present day, and I have attended 4 events with my two sons and Y.O.U (Dove Hunt, Squirrel Camp, Predator Camp, and Javelina Camp). Each camp, we have learned so much valuable information from the mentors, not just in hunting, but tips while being outdoors, handling of firearms. We have gone from owning no firearms to owning 3 rifles, 1 handgun, and 1 shotgun. Y.O.U. has helped put confidence in me as a father, that I can learn from these camps and continue to help my sons and hopefully down the road other people’s children on the wonderful experiences of hunting and being outdoors.
This past Javelina Camp, one of my sons got his first big game kill, and it was all made possible by Y.O.U., it’s mentors, and volunteers. The memories made that day will last forever, and as a person with no knowledge before, I truly am appreciative of an organization like Youth Outdoors Unlimited.

Thank You Youth Outdoors Unlimited for your passion and giving of yourself to invest in the children of the future.
David B.
Litchfield Park, AZ