A Story by Robert Hullihen IV

It was Friday morning around 3:10 am and we just got out of bed to get ready to get the day started. After getting dressed and making sure I had what I needed for the day, my dad his friend Phil and I got into our vehicle and made our way to the main camp. We got to the main camp at 3:45 in the morning the three of us got something to drink and eat before we got our day started. I was set up with a mentor which I was thankful that I got to meet and had the chance to go out with. 

Around 4:10 am Chris (mentor) and I went to some of the spots he knew of. Where he had seen a turkey in previous years. We went to three spots before sunrise. We sent out calls at all three spots and got no calls back. We got to the fourth spot we walk approximately 50 feet and he instantly heard a gobble. We walk back to the truck to get my shotgun and calls, we sat down and started to call. There was a tom in the roast who was gobbling back at our calls. The sun came up and the tom came out of the roast and we heard it land on the ground. We sent some calls out but he didn’t answer we sent some additional calls out to see if we would get anything to respond. We weren’t getting anything back so we sat there for an hour waiting for something. We sent a call out before we were about to get up and go find a new spot. Then we got five calls back so we sat there waiting to see if we could get a turkey close enough for me to get a shot off at. My mentor seen two toms with six hens coming in from the top of the hill, then going back on the other side of the hill. We called for half an hour and they just kept going back and forth. Finally, he couldn’t see the toms anymore so we decided to creep up on the hill to see if they were still there we heard them gobble so we crawled up to the top of the hill. The turkeys were 70 yards away they were just walking back and forth. We called for 20 minutes but we couldn’t get them to come in any closer. My mentor walked back and started to call from where we were first at and then the toms moved in closer. They slowly started to move forward they got as close as 40 yards and they stopped. I was laying down so they couldn’t see me so I decided to line up my shot and I slowly squeezed the trigger. The next thing I see is just a big cloud of smoke I stand up to see if I hit the tom and the tom didn’t see me and just started to walk away. I thought I missed the shot, my mentor came over. We walked over to where the tom was at and we couldn’t see any sign of me hitting the tom. We look to the side of us and seen the tom flap its wings we rushed over to the tom to see what had happened to it. When we got to it we found out that I hit the tom and that it only had a few seconds to live after I hit it.

Chris and I got it back to his truck and put the turkey in the bed of the truck. We set off back to camp. We both were happy because this was the first turkey either of us has gotten with someone (my first turkey ever). The whole time I was thinking did this really happen did I really get a turkey. When we got back to camp, Chris and I checked in, we got the turkey weighed, the beard measured and I got the turkey cleaned.



  1. Becky court says

    So very, very happy for you!! Wish I would have been there!